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About Dr. Shay


You deserve to live a life that you enjoy without being bogged down by period problems, fatigue, or IBS symptoms. I work with individuals who lead active lifestyles that don't have time to be limited by their symptoms. I am a licensed naturopathic doctor who currently practices in Kaua'i, Hawaii. I attended a 4 year accredited medical program and upon graduation, I went on to complete a one year residency in primary care treating acute and chronic disease. I love helping women optimize their health and I am dedicated to getting to know each patient on a personal level and take time listening to my patients so that they feel heard. 


Additionally, I strive to investigate the root causes in order to achieve optimal health. I aim to provide the best care possible by blending both naturopathic and allopathic medicine when necessary. I am able to perform both standard of care and specialty testing, order diagnostic imaging, prescribe medication when required, and refer to specialists when necessary. I believe in treating each person individually based on their unique signs and symptoms.


I take a whole person approach when creating treatment plans and options. Treatments commonly used include homeopathy, botanical medicine, therapeutic nutritional support, lifestyle approaches, cupping therapy, IV therapy, and pharmacological interventions when appropriate. Based on each unique individual we will try to incorporate a natural approach before or in conjunction with pharmacological interventions when safe and indicated.

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