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Are you struggling with...

Irregular Periods?

Decreased Energy?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

I utilize the most advanced blood work and can help you get to the root cause of hormonal imbalances with natural solutions.

Through proper testing and assessment we can determine what is causing your decreased energy and offer natural support so that you can feel like yourself again.

Have you been told you have IBS and are you looking to identify a cause, rather than covering up your unwanted symptoms? Are you searching for natural options? We've got you covered.

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Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.

I'm Dr. Shay Herndon and I am so pleased that you found me! If you are struggling with health concerns and have been told "everything is normal," but you don't feel normal, don't give up hope! I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and aim to optimize your health and help you feel like yourself again. As a naturopathic doctor I know that the body can come back into balance when given the right tools and I look forward to working with you and collaborating together to optimize your health!



Complimentary Meet and Greet - 15 Minutes. Free.

Are you interested in working together and want to see if we are a good fit? Call to book a 15 minute Meet and Greet in person or over the phone. This option is so that we can chat more about what I offer, how I can help you, and get details on setting up your first visit.

New Patient Visit - 60 Minutes. $300

In this visit we take a thorough health history and get to know your concerns and goals. We may request records from other providers involved in your care and suggest additional labs. We may discuss personalized treatments at this visit which can include dietary, lifestyle, supplementation, or medication recommendations.


Follow Up Patient Visit - 30 Minutes. $150

This visit is for established patients who have completed a new patient visit. In this visit we go over labs that may have been ordered and/or check in to see your progress. In addition, we may develop a personalized plan for your health which can include dietary, lifestyle, supplementation or medication recommendations.


Cupping - 20 minutes. $85

Cupping is a procedure used in traditional Chinese medicine where cups are placed on an area to create a gentle and sustained suction force to the skin. Cupping is used to help relieve muscle tension and soreness, detoxify, and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Please note that this treatment will lead to bruise like marks on the skin. It is possible to experience slight discomfort during treatment but should not cause pain.

Virtual Consults Coming Soon! Inquire for more information!

Call to Book an Appointment with me at Bella Dia Hawaii: 

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